Product Strategy
Connecting with customers is on the top of every executive's mind. Yet attaining that goal is elusive. In order to succeed in a fast-paced environment, company must provide its customers a better value than ...
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Product Marketing
Customer behavior, demographics and needs are structurally changing – more rapidly now than ever before. Marketing are on the “front line,” playing a critical role in driving revenue...
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Product Development
In the current economic environment, it is important to see IT as a business operating within a business. Business today depends on technology as never before – to drive transformation...
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Who we are

Who we are and where we come from

NextGen Invent is a boutique consulting firm that specializes in providing product strategy, product marketing, and IT development services using its extensive industry experience, specialized techniques, and proven framework.

Our team is comprised of experts that have a passion for excellence. We measure our success by our client’s results and take pride in doing what is right for our customers.

We bring foresight and knowledge, and a practical approach to building capabilities and delivering real impact. We are known for our deep industry and functional expertise across technology, finance, retail and health care sectors.

Why us

Unique combination of experience

Customers are hard to find and even harder to keep, Competition is fierce, and operations are more complex than ever. Our expertise in product strategy, product marketing, operations, risk management, investment analysis, business development, fund-raising and IT development helps our clients to understand the market better. It translates customer needs into product or service offering, and delivers impactful results.

We look at a product portfolio as an integrated, cohesive whole and combine our unique perspectives, skills, and diverse backgrounds to create innovative solutions for today's most complex business issues.

Our success in meeting today's business challenges rests on the way we approach our work. We call our approach 'Connected Circles'. Connected Circles fosters closer collaboration and knowledge sharing.